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The Best Care for your Best Friend

Temperament, Color, Coat and so much much more…We carefully plan every litter, choosing healthy beautiful adults who will pass along desired results in their offspring. All of our poms get lots and lots of exercise with plenty of room to run and play, and the best in veterinarian care.

Puppies are secure, happy, and confident around people. All puppies are started on wee pads, to make it easier for you to potty train them. They are vet checked before they leave with you. All pups are current on all vaccinations & worming.

The pups are born and raised in my home with 24/7 care and evaluated by me and my veterinarian when they turn 9 weeks old. When you have one of our puppies, you have a piece of our hearts! We are not only proud of our pups but of our customers as well! It is a top priority to find a loving and safe home for each of our precious babies – we love to keep in touch and cherish the updated photos we receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any question by email: Info@luxepom.com or WhatsApp: 00436604848790.

Regardless of their specific breed, Spitz are great companions. They are affectionate, sociable and get along well with children and other animals, most of them are friendly to strangers. Spitz like to accompany their owner anywhere, they take great pleasure in walking and participating in games with other dogs. By their nature, Spitz are inquisitive and emotional. Pointless barking must be dealt with firmly from puppyhood. Spitz are very clever and easily trained, they are unsurpassed crowd-pleasers. Their smiling, attractive faces and funny tricks will please anyone.
Spitz are divided into several types depending on their size. The most common are the Pomeranians and the Toy Spitz. The Pomeranian Spitz is also sometimes called the Miniature or Dwarf Spitz or the PomPom Dog. All these names are synonymous with the same breed. The Pomeranian is the smallest variety of Spitz. Height varies from 18 to 22.5 cm. Weight can be from 1.7 kg to 3.5 kg, depending on the strength of the core and the condition of the dog. The Toy Spitz is also called the Keeshond or the German Spitz.
The Pomeranian dogs will live between 12 and 16 years, though some will live even longer.

We recommend bathing a Pomeranian every week for a male pomeranian, and two weeks at most for a female pomeranian. Pomeranians should be bathed quite frequently. It’s a myth that this will damage the coat or skin. In reality, it stimulates hair growth, it’s the best way to keep the skin and coat healthy. Flaky, dry skin, often attributed to excessive bathing, is more often the result of inadequate nutrition.

When puppies start shedding their undercoat, we suggest bathing them definitely once a week. It does wonders to get that puppy coat out, so the new one can start coming in.

A kitchen sink or laundry tub is the perfect size for bathing a puppy and later bathtub. You can place a non-slip mat or a towel in the bottom, and use a bath restraint to prevent him from jumping out and injuring himself.

 Fill your container with lukewarm water. Avoid pouring water into your ears and eyes or mouth. For cleaning use suitable shampoos with a neutral PH and / or Keratin-based.

Don’t be afraid to scrub the shampoo into his coat. You must get the soap all the way through the coat to the skin. The objective is to clean the hair and the skin. Start with the head and finish with the tail, not forgetting the belly, paws, etc. It is important to rinse your pet well, as grooming products can irritate the skin.

Once thoroughly rinsed, let your dog have a good shake, towel dry him and use a hair dryer to complete the job. Keep a hand between the dog and the dryer to make sure the temperature is cool to warm, not hot. Don’t allow your dog to jump off a table or bed while you are drying him. A grooming table with a post and a leash restraint is a good alternative. It will leave your hands free to brush, comb and hold the dryer.

Note: There are two important things to remember when bathing a Pomeranian. Poms must be brushed and combed down to the skin before bathing or else the coat will tangle. After bathing, they must be blow-dried completely, brushed all the while, to avoid possible fungus growth.

We highly recommend you to come and visit us and see the puppies and parents and then decide and buy a puppy. However if it is totally impossible for you, we can also deliver the puppy to you.
We recommend you not to buy a puppy from someone who doesn’t give you the opportunity to visit the puppy and parents. There are many more internet puppy scams around than there ever used to be. It’s partly due to the internet and how people can manipulate information to get what they want, namely the money in your pocket.The dogs are real but aren’t the property of the puppy scammers. Photos are stolen from top breeders websites.Often the photos are photoshopped to make the puppy look very small, extra cute and appealing.

The Spitz Boo – this is not the name of a breed, it’s the name of a famous type of haircut for Pomeranians which is created with clippers. (We strongly advise against giving your Spitz this kind of haircut as the coat will not grow back properly after being clipped).

There is no dog breed, such as Teacup Pom, Miniature Pomeranian, Mini Pomeranian, Toy Pomeranian, Pocket Pomeranian, Miniature Poms,  Micro Teacup Pomeranian or Pomeranian Teacup exist….just POMERANIANS. “Teacup” in regard to Pomeranians is a marketing term. However, this term may be used by breeders (or Puppy scammers) as a verb (meaningful small) to describe a Pomeranian that falls on the low end of the accepted weight scale.
The best age to buy a Pomeranian puppy is anytime between 10-12 weeks old

The Spitz’s coat is not difficult to care for, but, nevertheless, it does require attention. Pomeranian puppies must be groomed with a massage brush at least 3 times a week.  An adult Pomeranian needs to be groomed 1-2 times a week (depending on the structure of the coat.)

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